Friday, November 17, 2006

current situation

i have just installed ubuntu for the 100th time. slackware was reccomended to me to get at the "guts" of linux, but i couldnt get it to install! i think it was a combination of a couple things, the first one being that my hard drive has been been repartitioned upwards of 8 times now in a row, kinda half assed each time. the installer couldnt write to my partition table to set up the boot loader to get in to the OS. So i had to make a boot disk, except when i got to that step i realised that my disk drive was unplugged for some reason so i couldnt make one... so i borrowed a disk from someone but i had a really hard time formatting it and getting a program on to it to write zeros to the drive. once i finally got everything on the disk i tried to boot from it but it just wouldnt. i need my computer for school and such so i cant really sit around until i get a btter disk, assuming its not my drive thats screwed up.

anyways, im currently setting up ubuntu, which i appreciate a lot more now. i really want to get in to a harder linux but not having a second computer makes it almost impossible. hopefully ill get my chance when i get my laptop back.

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